Quick tips to renew the love affair with your PC or Mac – The Mountain -Ear

Gail Eddy, Nederland.

When it’s slow and sluggish, it’s hard to love your computer. Here are three quick tips to give your Mac or PC some pep.

-Make sure your Operating System is up-to-date. Are there any updates you need to download and apply?

-Empty the trash. If you haven’t done that in a while, you could free up a lot of space!

-Several times a year you should delete all of your cookies. Here’s how: https://geekforhireinc.com/delete-cookies/

You can’t love your computer if your WiFi is slow!

If your Internet seems slow, there are several things you can do. First, test the actual speed you’re getting. If it’s slower than you expect, contact your ISP. Check out https://geekforhireinc.com/how-do-i-fix-my-slow-wifi/

If your home has lots of brick, or radiant floor heating, you might consider a mesh router to distribute the WiFi signal more efficiently.

Do you need to replace any of your equipment?

Sometimes upgrading or replacing some of your peripheral equipment makes you love your computer even more!


Even though I have a laptop that I can bring anywhere, I have two monitors on my desk. That helps me be more efficient when I’m working in my home office. 

Sometimes, when I don’t need to use the additional monitor, I will put a live stream video on it.