YouTubers are back to tickle Kashmir Valley’s funny bone – The Hindu

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They were unable to reach out to lakhs of subscribers due to the 4G Internet ban.

Kashmir’s funny and comedic YouTubers, who went jobless and lost lakhs of their followers after the August 5, 2019 decision to snap high-speed Internet in the valley, are finally back with their jest and jokes.

It has been a week since the J&K administration restored 4G mobile Internet for the first time in 18 months and the buzz is back on Valley-based YouTube channels like the popular ‘Kashmiri Kalkharabs’ (Kashmiri quirks) with 7.2 lakh subscribers.

In fact, the first funny video in many months was titled ‘4G Aaa Waapas’, where a son is convincing his father to propitiate God by offering elaborate feasts to friends and relatives on the restoration of the 4G Internet.

“The snapping of 4G Internet dashed our dreams, and the investments we had made on cameras and laptops in 2019. We were left home-bound. I developed depression for three months. It was tedious to upload a 2 GB on a 2G Internet connection when it was restored last year. Uploading videos would take days,” Yawar Ahmad, 20, whose five-member team started the ‘Kashmiri Kalkharabs’ channel in 2017, told The Hindu.

Mr. Ahmad, a student from Sumbal’s Maloora area, saw the number of subscribers to the channel falling with each passing day, and with it his dream to become an actor.

“In just eight months, we lost over 1 lakh subscribers and the once growing number of views came to naught. My