With 4G, Kashmir hopes to call back growth – BusinessLine

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Malik Aadil, the founder of Kashmir’s first grocery delivery platform Groxery, is making renewed efforts to grow his fledgling start-up after the Centre restored 4G network across the State.

His online platform, which had come to a grinding halt after the internet was blocked in the State for 18 months, will now come with new features, including a subscription model that entails the ‘Buy and Pay Later’ option in-app notifications. Aadil is also expanding his footprint across the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

“It has been a tough task for us to manage things on 2G. We kept the size of our app small so that it can be downloaded even on the 2G internet. Now, with 4G being available, we are going to add new features and expand our presence across the State,” Aadil told BusinessLine.

Zeyan Shafiq, founder of Stalwart e-sports, a digital gaming platform based in Kashmir, is also gearing up to restart his venture. “Due to the internet blackout, we had to shift our operations to Delhi. Now, we are planning to come back to Kashmir and expand our business there as we intend to raise awareness in the State regarding e-sports,” said Shafiq.

“I believe the Valley is swelling with talented gamers who do not have the resources to exhibit and polish their talents. I hope with unrestricted internet we would be able to tap the right potential,” he added.

The cost of blackout

Like Aadil and Shafiq, many small businesses who were dependent on high-speed internet, are