Rhythmedix rolls out next-gen wearable cardiac monitor – BioWorld Online

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Cardiac monitoring company Rhythmedix Inc. reported the launch of its next-generation, wearable Rhythmstar device with built-in 4G cellular connectivity. The low-profile, water-resistant cardiac telemetry monitor provides extended remote monitoring to quickly detect arrhythmia without the need for a phone or other communication device.

An estimated 33.5 million people worldwide have heart arrhythmias, doubling their risk of death. Yet while more arrhythmias are being detected with remote cardiac monitoring, patient compliance and timely access to heart output data limit diagnosis.

“Delayed patient data increases response time and prevents prompt clinical intervention,” Brian Pike, Rhythmedix’s co-founder, president and COO, told BioWorld. “Additionally, with competitive monitoring devices, patients are burdened by multiple cumbersome devices, chargers, sensors and device connections that can negatively impact patient compliance.”

Focus on at-risk patients

With a built-in rechargeable battery, Rhythmstar offers Holter, event and mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) monitoring in a single wearable device – the only wearable to offer all three, according to the company.

The device is intended as an end-to-end cardiac monitoring solution, continuously and discretely connecting patients and clinicians, enabling streamlined patient care via real-time reporting and easier triage. Patients can record up to 30 days of heart activity, and the device can store 10 years of data on an embedded flash drive.

The cloud-based system leverages a rapid, two-step verification process that is backed by proven algorithms. A 24/7 monitoring center comprised of U.S.-based certified technicians rapidly reviews patient data and alerts physicians if a worrisome arrhythmia is detected.

The built-in cellular connectivity is also unique